It was during the covid period that we started to understand the necessity of owning a car and needing to travel quickly. Similarly, after the end of the Kovid phase, our journeys have resumed. During the Kovid period, many people who had to travel without their children and family for various purposes have started traveling with their families again. Flight tickets and hotel bookings have resumed as before and the increase in these is indicative of the same.

The number of Malayalees going on pleasure trips with their families has also increased considerably. Similarly, safe travel becomes our first preference when traveling with family. That is when the importance of travel insurance policies comes into play. Taking travel insurance policies is the best option to secure our travels. Now we are talking about multi-member travel insurance that can be taken together for the family.

Less cost

This is an insurance plan that can be taken together for multi-members or several members of the family. This travel insurance is suitable for both domestic and international travel. The coverage of this insurance is available according to the members of your family. Usually each can take out a single policy instead of taking out separate policies. This will reduce your total cost. Discounts are available for almost all insurances. These policies cover almost all the perils that occur while travelling. These will cover bills like climate change during domestic travel and inconvenience caused by eating in hotels.

Foreign trip

In countries like Canada, the condition of treatment worsens and the additional medical bills there sometimes cannot be afforded at once. While traveling abroad we can expect minor illnesses mostly due to the weather. Traveling abroad has some risks. There are chances of flight mishap and lost baggage. But instead of that, multi-member travel insurances help to arrange money easily and more. For family travel we have two options to choose from, Multi Member and Floater.

Medical emergencies during travel

This plan covers all medical emergencies that occur during travel. Most travel insurance policies extend accident and sickness cover for 30 days to 60 days from the date of hospitalization. Along with this, there are policies that provide coverage in the event of trip cancellation and trip rescheduling. If you are a member of comprehensive travel insurance policies, you will be protected even if your checked-in luggage is lost. These insurance policies have single and multi trip insurance options. If you are planning more than one trip a year with your family, it is advisable to take out multi-trip insurance policies.