The acceptance of insurance policies among people is increasing day by day. The point is that the future is unpredictable. Most sought after are life and health insurance policies. But there is a time-honored complaint that companies are not showing enthusiasm in issuing policies to settle claims. This is the reason why many people stay away from insurances. You too have probably experienced this neglect. Users can now approach the government against such neglect by companies.

Grievance Redressal Officer can be contacted

Any insurance company will have a Grievance Redressal Officer to resolve customer complaints. Users can approach this officer in case of delay in claim settlement. This is also where you should first register your objection against the company. For this, the user can lodge a complaint at the office of the insurance company or online. Statistics show that most of these complaints related to non-receipt of claims are resolved at the level of the insurance company itself. If you do not get justice here, you can move to the regulator.

Regulator IRDAI

IRDAI is the insurance regulator of India. Here user can find solution for all insurance related issues. IRDAI can be approached even if the insurance redressal officer of the company does not respond to the user's complaint within 15 days. Even if the company is not satisfied with the response of the resolution officer, the regulator can be approached. Now complaints can be submitted online to the regulator. Otherwise complaint can also be filed at the official email address of the organization (

Insurance Ombudsman can be approached

Don't get frustrated thinking that the insurance officer of the company and IRDAI have failed to resolve your complaint. The Insurance Ombudsman is there to hear you in such situations. A total of 17 insurance ombuds exist in different regions of the country. Policyholders should complain to the local insurance ombudsman.

You can visit the Lokpal office and fill the P-II and P-III forms and start the process. The policy holder can find the concerned ombudsman from the insurance company office or official website. After filing the complaint online, the original should be sent to the Lokpal office.