Insurance is now indispensable in our life. But we are careless and often do not use them when we need them. The main mistake we make is mistakes in filling the insurance form. If we are not careful in filling the insurance form, we may not get the rights we need in time. So read the terms of the insurance policies and keep certain things in mind while taking and renewing the insurance.

The first step is to read and fill the proposal forms carefully. There will be separate proposal forms for each policy. It should be read and filled correctly. Be sure to understand the details of the policy and what risks it covers. Usually the company executive will explain all the policy related information to you. Otherwise, you must have understood it. You should check how much the premium rate should be and whether you can afford it every time.

Regardless of the type of your insurance, you must provide all your personal information and your family and wealth related information truthfully. That is your duty. There should not be any mistake on your part. For example, if we take the case of life insurance, the main list includes the insured's age, current illnesses, previous illnesses, treatments, existing policies, income, alcohol consumption, smoking, and family history of illnesses. This information should be provided truthfully.

You should read the extra charges and other benefits given in the form separately. Only read and confirm premium allocation etc. and sign it. Please specify in the proposal form which risks it covers. But it's better to have an agreement on this before signing, rather than having to look it up when you need a claim.

The proposal form is the basic document. That is why so much attention needs to be given to it while filling the proposal form.