Insurance policies play a big role in life. We live in a very insecure environment. Most of us own vehicles. All of that has auto insurance. But for us drivers, taking accident insurance is something we don't even think about much. Accidents are very unexpected. That's why motorists should be careful. Accident insurance is important for those who make a living by driving vehicles like autorickshaws or taxis.

Policy as per your requirement

Don't let your or your family's financial situation deteriorate there if you have an accident. Accent Insurances gives maximum importance to it. But we are greatly misunderstood in this area. Take the package exactly according to your financial needs and it will benefit you in due time.

Who can take the policy?

Generally, people from three months old to 70 years of age can join the accident insurance policy. If you join before the age of majority, you will get a claim under the liability of the parents. But anyone can join the policy on their own after reaching the age of majority. Actually there are insurance policies ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 25 crore. The amount varies depending on the company and the package. You can insure for a number ranging from 60-120 times your income.

Know the policies well

There are many risks that an accident insurance policy covers. Accidental death, hospital treatment expenses, disability etc. if the householder has taken a loan from the bank till the repayment amount is included in the claims. If you are planning to take accident insurance policies, read the rules carefully. Make sure that the premium is affordable and that your needs are prioritized in the policy.

Leading companies currently providing best personal accident insurance in India

1.HDFC ERGO General Insurance

2. New India Assurance

3.Royal Sundaram General Insurance

4. SBI General Insurance

5. Bupa Health Insurance

6. ICICI Lombard General Insurance